Colin is a PhD student working under Martin Widmann and Anne Van Loon. Prior to starting the PhD, he studied Environmental Science at University College Cork before going on to complete an MSc in Applied Meteorology and Climatology in Birmingham.

Colin is working as part of an international collaborative project called CE:LLO (Compound Events: Multivariate Statistical Modelling) in which they are developing statistical methods for the analysis and downscaling of compound events. The focus of Colin’s research is on the interaction of drought and heat wave events and the associated impacts of their combination. A main aim of the project is to gain better understanding of the development and persistence of drought events in order to provide improved estimates of their risk in current and future climate through statistical modelling. The first paper of this project on ‘Soil moisture drought in Europe: a compound event of precipitation and potential evapotranspiration on multiple timescales’ is published in the Journal of Hydrometeorology.

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