We love talking about science, sharing our research outside the scientific community with anyone who is interested. Please see a list of the outreach activities we are / have been involved in:

  • Gulp! A children’s theatre production about water by The Bone Ensemble (under development) (Anne Van Loon & Doris Wendt).
  • Talks for the University of the Third Age (Harborne & Edgbaston, 6 Mar 2019) and The Birmingham Association of Jewish Graduates (10 Mar 2019) about drought & people, water use & water saving: download presentation here.
  • Presentation at the Trent Regional Flood & Coastal Committee (Lucinda Capewell, Jan 2019)
  • RGS-IBG Teachers CPD event – “Water in a changing world” (10 Jul 2018): download presentation here.
  • Girls in STEM day at the University of Birmingham (13 Sept 2017), workshop on “How your garden influences flooding”: download presentation here.