Marjolein van Huijgevoort is a researcher in the Ecohydrology team of KWR Water and affliated with the Water and Climate Risk Group at IVM – VU. The focus of her research is on drought in the Netherlands, especially in groundwater.

The drought of 2018-2020 had a major impact on nature, agriculture, drinking water supply, shipping and industry. At KWR Marjolein works on water availability and drought, with a focus on the application of scientific knowledge in practice. She also is involved in communicating the acquired knowledge to stakeholders. An example of this is the recently completed project into drought on high sandy soils which included the development of a drought portal, visualising drought indices for the Netherlands ( In collaboration with the Drought risk group of IVM, Marjolein also investigates (groundwater) drought risk and impacts, the interaction between humans and hydrological processes (sociohydrology) and water management.

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