Lars is a PhD candidate at the department of Water and Climate Risk of the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM). He obtained his Bachelor and Master degree International Land and Water Management at Wageningen University. During his bachelor he did research on irrigation efficiency and drinking water availability in rural areas of Nepal. For his master thesis he explored the effects of climate change on Norwegian hydropower production and environmental flow conditions in regulated river systems. This research was performed at the NTNU in Trondheim.

His PhD research is part of the UPWAS project, which aims at upscaling local water storage measures by Dutch farmers in order to adapt to droughts. Within this project Lars will analyse how drivers such as technological development and climate change affect decision making of farmers. The objective of his research is to understand the socio-hydrological challenges and opportunities by upscaling local water storage measures to different spatial scales.

Before starting his PhD in September 2022, Lars worked as a consultant in urban water management in the Netherlands. He provided advice on sustainable water management in new zoning plans to avoid water damage during extreme rainfall events.

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