Marit was a PhD student based at the University of Freiburg (Germany). She did the Bachelor Soil, Water and Atmosphere and Master Earth and Environment, both at Wageningen University (the Netherlands). She started her MSc with an Erasmus exchange at the University of Oslo (Norway) and followed courses related to glaciology and meteorology. Due to the glaciology course she developed a strong interest in glaciers. Back in Wageningen, Marit took courses in both meteorology and hydrology. For her MSc thesis she went to the Univeristy of Birmingham to work with Anne Van Loon on a topic that combined her three main interests: hydrology, glaciology and meteorology: Climate change effects on hydrological droughts in glacierized catchments. She published her MSc thesis in Hydrology & Earth System Sciences and graduated cum laude with a specialization in hydrology and water resources. Marit then moved to Germany for her PhD, in which she worked on a similar topic. Her research focused on drought resilience in glacierized catchments. She analyses changes and trends in streamflow and droughts in glacierized catchments around the world.

Marit published four papers during her PhD:

– Van Tiel, M., Teuling, A. J., Wanders, N., Vis, M. J., Stahl, K., & Van Loon, A. F. (2018). The role of glacier changes and threshold definition in the characterisation of future streamflow droughts in glacierised catchments. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 22(1), 463-485. here
– Van Tiel, M., Stahl, K., Freudiger, D., & Seibert, J. (2020). Glacio‐hydrological model calibration and evaluation. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, 7(6), e1483. here
– Van Tiel, M., Kohn, I., Van Loon, A. F., & Stahl, K. (2020). The compensating effect of glaciers: Characterizing the relation between interannual streamflow variability and glacier cover. Hydrological Processes, 34(3), 553-568. here
– Van Tiel, M., Van Loon, A. F., Seibert, J., & Stahl, K. (2021). Hydrological response to warm and dry weather: do glaciers compensate?. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 25(6), 3245-3265. here

For more information about Marit’s research activities: