Key projects, papers & people of different topics within this theme

Drought propagation

Compound events

  • In the RECEIPT project, Raed Hamed investigates storylines of climate-driven soybean impacts in major producing regions looking at local compound events, simultaneous breadbasket failures and associated large-scale teleconnection patterns.
  • Hamed et al. (2021) – Impacts of compound hot–dry extremes on US soybean yields – Earth System Dynamics
  • Manning et al. (2019) – Increased probability of compound long-duration dry and hot events in Europe during summer (1950–2013) – Environmental Research Letters
  • Manning et al. (2018) – Soil Moisture Drought in Europe: A Compound Event of Precipitation and Potential Evapotranspiration on Multiple Timescales – Journal of Hydrometeorology

Drought in cold climates

  • Van Tiel et al. (2021) – Hydrological response to warm and dry weather: do glaciers compensate? – Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
  • Van Tiel et al. (2020) – The compensating effect of glaciers: Characterizing the relation between interannual streamflow variability and glacier cover – Hydrological Processes
  • Van Loon et al. (2015) – Hydrological drought types in cold climates: quantitative analysis of causing factors and qualitative survey of impacts – Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

Groundwater drought

  • The European Groundwater Drought Initiative (GDI) brings together partners and data to assess the status of groundwater droughts and their impacts at the European scale – with BGS & University of Birmingham (UK)
  • Brauns et al. (2020) – The Groundwater Drought Initiative (GDI): Analysing and understanding groundwater drought across Europe
  • Wendt et al. (2020) – Asymmetric impact of groundwater use on groundwater droughts – Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
  • Van Loon et al. (2017) – Testing the use of standardised indices and GRACE satellite data to estimate the European 2015 groundwater drought in near-real time – Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

Influence of human activities on hydrological drought

Multi-hazard interactions & human-water feedbacks