Floods and droughts severely impact societies and ecosystems around the world. We are working in different areas around the world to increase drought preparedness, for example by improving drought monitoring in Chile & Peru and by improving resilience to floods and droughts in southern Africa. Previous projects include CreativeDrought and Supporting Effective Drought Risk Management in Vulnerable Catchments of Chile, current projects are A Citizen Science Approach to Drought Risk Management in Peru and Chile and CONNECT4.

In the CreativeDrought project, the community of Folovhodwe in South Africa created future drought narratives, based on local stories about past drought events and model results of future drought. These narratives gave a virtual experience of coping with future lack of water in the region.

Our a new project “CONNECT4 water resilience: connecting water resources, communities, drought and flood hazards, and governance across 4 countries in the Limpopo basin” aims to increase understanding of the connectivity within and between physical and social aspects of vulnerability to improve societal preparedness and resilience to flood and drought hazards in arid Sub-Saharan regions.

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  • Rangecroft et al. (2018a) – Hydrological modelling as a tool for interdisciplinary workshops on future drought – Progress in Physical Geography

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