We supervised various BSc research projects related to our research projects. Undergraduate students from the Geography undergraduate at the University of Birmingham join us for a year to do their research project.

Previous BSc projects:

  • Daniel RussonWhich aquifer is more sensitive to seasonal anomalies in driving meteorology?
  • Edward WelchThe relationship between climate change and groundwater drought in the UK
  • Emily PotterPesticides in the river Thames from source to sea
  • Ramya VijayanChanges in micro-organics during extreme flood conditions in the Thames
  • Shannon AddyQuantify the effects of abstraction on groundwater droughts regionally in the UK
  • Grace OldknowThe effects of different groundwater regimes in periods of drought when applied to a groundwater model of Shropshire and the role of human involvement in groundwater drought
  • Catrin Hughes – An investigation into the impacts of reservoirs on river discharge
  • Mylene Kitchen – Investigating the effectiveness and operation of water company drought plans 2010-2012 in key aquifer use areas, UK
  • Ryan Davies – Analysis of Susceptibility to Low Flows in Groundwater-Dominated Catchments
  • Tasmin Semple – The Characterisation of Hydrological Drought and the Capability of Groundwater to Alleviate Drought in the Lake Chad Basin, Lake Naivasha Basin and the Limpopo River Basin, Africa
  • Zoe LatuszkaThe Effect of Differing Land Use in Three Contrasting Catchments on River Flow in Extreme Events
  • Carys Thompson – A Comparison of Drought Indices with reference to the Drought of 1976 in England, and the Seasonal Effect of PET
  • Kirandeep Kooner – A paired-catchment analysis to quantify the human influence on drought in the United Kingdom
  • Sam Miller – Does the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) provide
    sufficient resolution to accurately monitor groundwater and groundwater
    drought in selective areas?
  • Taranpreet Rai – A comparison of the impacts of the El Nino Southern Oscillation on groundwater in different regions
  • Amy BakerRegional Climate affects Severn Streamflow
  • Cherona Chapman – Limitations in the prediction of extreme river flows using rainfall-runoff models: observations from Devon, UK
  • Chris Backhouse – How climatological factors have affected river flow rates in chalk aquifer region in the Thames Basin between 1981 and 2011