PhD project on mangrove conservation & restoration

A possibility for a PhD project on mangrove hydrology has opened up in our research group at the University of Birmingham. With colleagues Fiona Nunan and Stefan Krause we proposed a PhD project with the title:

Mangrove forest conservation and restoration: what are the keys to success?

The project focuses on the physical and social factors defining the success or failure of mangrove conservation and restoration. In two case study regions in Africa and Southeast Asia, changes in mangrove cover will be mapped, detailed measurements of mangrove forest state and water levels will be carried out, and focus groups and interviews with local stakeholders will be undertaken. The aim is to understand physical and social factors that have prevented successful mangrove conservation and restoration in the past. The outcomes of this project will be important building blocks informing sustainable management practices of valuable mangrove ecosystems globally.

Funding for UK/EU students (those who lived in EU for >3 years) is available via the Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarship. Deadline for applications: 16 March 2018.

More information and the link to the application form are available on the Forest Edge page.

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