What we write: Anne F. Van Loon

New paper from our group! “Streamflow droughts aggravated by human activities despite management” in ERL We investigated the influence of human activities on streamflow drought in the complexity of real world cases, using observation data, qualitative expert assessment, consistent drought analysis, and statistics. We found that groundwater and surface water abstractions aggravate streamflow droughts … Continue reading What we write: Anne F. Van Loon

What we do: Rhoda, Anne & Ileen

Rhoda Odongo and Ileen Streefkerk, together with IVM colleague Tim Busker, are currently in Kenya for the Down2Earth project fieldwork, which will run for 2 months. We were joined by Anne van Loon in the first 2.5 weeks. We visited several stakeholders, mainly governmental institutions in agriculture, environment, climate and water sectors. Additionally, we were … Continue reading What we do: Rhoda, Anne & Ileen

PhD POSITION Human-climate feedbacks at different spatial-temporal scales

We are happy to announce a new PhD position at IVM (VU Amsterdam) in the EU-funded project I-CISK! Climate services have a crucial role in empowering citizens, stakeholders and decision-makers in taking climate-smart decisions that are informed by a solid scientific evidence base. The EU-funded I-CISK project will innovate existing climate services by integrating the … Continue reading PhD POSITION Human-climate feedbacks at different spatial-temporal scales

PHD POSITION Narratives of past and future drought-to-flood events

Are you a social scientist with experience in narrative methods and qualitative data analysis? Do you have an interest in environmental management and disaster risk reduction? Do you want to work in an interdisciplinary team of researchers and with stakeholders and participants in case studies in different parts of the world? We are happy to … Continue reading PHD POSITION Narratives of past and future drought-to-flood events

ERC Starting Grant for Anne Van Loon

Anne Van Loon has received a positive decision on her ERC Starting Grant proposal. The PerfectSTORM (‘STOrylines of futuRe extreMes’) project will provide five years of funding for research on droughts and floods. Future climate projections show a strengthening of the hydrological cycle with more droughts and floods expected. This means a higher likelihood of … Continue reading ERC Starting Grant for Anne Van Loon

Online teaching in courses related to climate risk, drought, water resources and sustainability

- By Anne Van Loon, Marthe Wens, Raed Hamed Like many others around the world, we have been forced to move our teaching completely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, this has also been an opportunity for us to develop new teaching methods, try flipping the classroom, and explore the use of … Continue reading Online teaching in courses related to climate risk, drought, water resources and sustainability

Racism in academia

Last week we had several discussions within our research group in Amsterdam about #BlackLivesMatter, #ShutDownSTEM & racism in academia. I'm really grateful for the open exchange we had about this sensitive subject, which I think is very important. We feel we should share the outcomes of these discussions, so that others might be inspired to … Continue reading Racism in academia

2019 writing retreat

Our writing retreat in the Peak District took place from 4 to 9 August and had 12 participants from Physical and Human Geography and Environmental Science (University of Birmingham, Bristol, Loughborough, Bologna, China). The week was again very productive and collaborative. This time we trialled structured writing in the morning (Pomodoro-style writing blocks of 40 … Continue reading 2019 writing retreat

The hydrology of mangrove restoration

Stijn Beernink (KWR Water) presented our research on how to include hydrology in mangrove restoration at the MMM5 conference in Singapore last week. Have a look at the poster here: poster_MMM5_2019_mangrove restoration_portrait. TAKE HOME MESSAGES: 1) failure of mangrove planting can be prevented by considering hydrological conditions 2) hydrological classification can guide making suitable hydrological conditions … Continue reading The hydrology of mangrove restoration

Women in Science

By Anne Van Loon - with special thanks to Massimilliano Zappa, Angela Thuer and all participants of the discussion sessions Today Swiss women strike to demand equal pay. A good day to post a blog on gender (in)equality in science. On 7 May 2019 I was invited at WSL (Switzerland) for a Distinguished Lecture. Massimilliano … Continue reading Women in Science