We supervised various MSc research projects related to our research. Over the past years, students from the MSc River Environments and their Management, the MSc Hydrogeology & the MSc Applied Meteorology and Climate at the University of Birmingham and the MSc Earth and Environment at Wageningen University have joined us for a few months to do their research.

MSc opportunities:

Previous MSc projects:

  • Jessica Grady (University of Birmingham) – Changing flood risk perceptions with management type: Structural Defences v Property Level Protection – supervised by Lucinda Capewell and Anne Van Loon
  • Lewis Javaid (University of Birmingham) – A Timeline of Hydrological Monitoring and Indicators from the 2017/2018 Portuguese Drought – supervised by Doris Wendt and Anne Van Loon
  • Jessica (University of Birmingham) – Modelling the influence of abstraction on groundwater drought – supervised by Doris Wendt and John Tellam
  • Callum Monteith Roberts (University of Birmingham) – Water Quality in the UK: The Effect of Drought and Catchment Characteristics – supervised by Danny Croghan and Anne Van Loon
  • Ekaterina Telegina (University of Birmingham) – Climate-induced and human-induced drought analyses by comparing natural and human-influenced hydrological time series – supervised by Sally Rangecroft and Anne Van Loon
  • James Robins (University of Birmingham) – Impacts of Climate Change and Increased Demand on Water Resources in a South African Rural Community – supervised by Sally Rangecroft and Anne Van Loon
  • Arielle Wharton (University of Birmingham) – Rapid dry-to-wet transitions in Spain – supervised by Martin Widmann, Colin Manning and Anne Van Loon
  • Clarissa Rizzo (University of Bologna) – Quantifying human influence on drought in Italy using data-based and model-based approaches – supervised by Anne Van Loon and Elena Toth
  • Dan Power (University of Birmingham) – Climate Change in High Mountain Asia: Using a conceptual model to understand future impacts of Hydrological Drought in highly glaciated catchments – supervised by Anne Van Loon
  • Jo Margariti (University of Birmingham) – Drought Termination: Characterising the influence of anthropogenic activities, conceptual definitions and analysis approaches – supervised by Sally Rangecroft and Anne Van Loon
  • Stijn Beernink (Wageningen University) – Assessment and improvements of a hydrological classification method for Ecological Mangrove Restoration (EMR): tested in the mangroves of Singapore – supervised by Anne Van Loon, Roel Dijksma (Wageningen University) and Dan Friess (National University of Singapore) >> see Mangrove hydrology research page
  • Marianne Bosman (Wageningen University) – Human influence on drought: A global comparison using case studies
  • Judit Pelikan (University of Birmingham) – Human impacts on drought: Influence of urbanisation and groundwater abstraction on hydrological drought in southern England
  • Marit Van Tiel (Wageningen University) – Climate change effects on drought
    in cold regions: A case study on glacierised catchments in Alaska and Norway
  • Richard McKie (University of Birmingham) – Understanding the interdependency of anthropogenic abstraction and drought
  • Rista Hernandi Virgianto (University of Birmingham) – Predicting European Drought Characteristics
  • Wouter Coomans (Wageningen University) – A comparative analysis of human impacts on drought in the United Kingdom and in Australia