The Birmingham delegation to the Panta Rhei Drought workshop in Utrecht

--- by Clarissa & Doris --- “Panta Rhei – Everything flows” is the current scientific decade (2013-2022) of the International Association of Hydrological Science (IAHS) that focuses on the interaction between hydrology and society. One of IAHS most active working groups is “Drought in Anthropocene”. Regular meetings are initiated and there is an annual workshop … Continue reading The Birmingham delegation to the Panta Rhei Drought workshop in Utrecht

PhD project on mangrove conservation & restoration

A possibility for a PhD project on mangrove hydrology has opened up in our research group at the University of Birmingham. With colleagues Fiona Nunan and Stefan Krause we proposed a PhD project with the title: Mangrove forest conservation and restoration: what are the keys to success? The project focuses on the physical and social factors … Continue reading PhD project on mangrove conservation & restoration

Guardian/Observer opinion piece on Cape Town water crisis

Together with colleagues Rosie Day (University of Birmingham) and Simon Dadson (University of Oxford) Anne Van Loon wrote an opinion piece on the Cape Town water crisis: "Let Cape Town revolutionise the way we think about water". In this article they warn for the Hydro-illogical cycle (see National Drought Mitigation Centre illustration below) and suggest … Continue reading Guardian/Observer opinion piece on Cape Town water crisis

MSc and BSc student projects available

The Drought in the Anthropocene Panta Rhei group have jointly defined a number of MSc and BSc student projects. See the total list via this link: Drought in the Anthropocene_student projects. These student projects can be based at the University of Birmingham or at any of the collaborating institutes with remote supervision by the supervisory team. … Continue reading MSc and BSc student projects available

Panta Rhei working group meeting

Anne Van Loon, Sally Rangecroft, and Doris Wendt attanded the Panta Rhei Drought in the Anthropocene working group annual meeting in Freiburg, Germany 8-11 October 2017. The meeting, partly sponsored by EGU and the Baden-Württemberg Water Network, was organised around the topics of drought hazard, impacts, vulnerability and management in a human modified world. The two and … Continue reading Panta Rhei working group meeting

Highlight paper “Drought in the Anthropocene”

“Drought management is inefficient because feedbacks between drought and people are not fully understood. In this human-influenced era, we need to rethink the concept of drought to include the human role in mitigating and enhancing drought.” That is the conclusion of the commentary in Nature Geoscience published on 2 February 2016. In this paper, Anne … Continue reading Highlight paper “Drought in the Anthropocene”

EGU 2017

The EGU annual conference was very special this year. Anne Van Loon received the prestigious Hydrological Sciences Division “Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award 2017”. She gave an interesting and inspirational medal lecture about her research to date encapsulated by the title “Learning from catchments to understanding hydrological drought” on the Tuesday to a very full room. Anne … Continue reading EGU 2017

Highlight paper “Hydrological drought explained”

In this review paper, Anne Van Loon, gives an overview is of the current state of scientific knowledge of definitions, processes, and quantification of hydrological drought. Special attention is given to the influence of climate and terrestrial properties (geology, land use) on hydrological drought characteristics and the role of storage. Furthermore, the current debate about … Continue reading Highlight paper “Hydrological drought explained”

Writing week 2016

From 22 to 26 August 2016, Anne Van Loon and Sally Rangecroft organised the first Geography Writing Week in a house in Shropshire. In total six people joined (inluding Colin Manning and Danny Croghan), writing on various things such as papers, proposals, presentations, posters, etc. We agreed that the Writing Week was very successful, inspiring … Continue reading Writing week 2016